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Yesterday I stopped by Blind Lady Ale House to taste some Allagash Brewing Co. beers. BLAH often has Allagash White on tap, but most of the other beers are rarely seen in San Diego. The beers included in the flight were:

  • White, a traditional Belgian wheat beer
  • Black, a Belgian style stout brewed with dark candi sugar
  • Dubbel, a malty dubbel
  • Curieux, French for “curious”, Curieux is Allagash’s Tripel aged for eight weeks in Jim Beam bourbon barrels
  • Victoria, fruity and spicy, Victoria is brewed with Chardonnay grapes and Belgian yeast
  • Victor, inspired by Victoria, Victor is brewed with chancellor grapes, hopped with Fuggles and Hallertau and fermented with a wine yeast.

These beers were all great and it was wonderful to be able to taste so many beers from the same brewery, that I had never been able to try before, all at once.

Unsurprisingly to me, the Black and Dubbel were my favorites, I would have easily ordered a glass of either after the flight if given the chance (but the beers were so limited at BLAH only White and Curieux were available outside the flights. I liked Allagash White as well although my brother Chris and my wife Kinsee both thought it had an after taste like hot dogs. I tried and tried but couldn’t find even a hint of hot dogs in the beer.

Curieux’s name explains it’s taste well. The color of the beer gives no indication of the whiskey flavor. It’s not an over the top whiskey flavor but compliments the beer nicely. I’ve never had a Tripel aged in whiskey barrels, and have rarely had a lighter colored barrel aged beer. Victor and Victoria were interesting, not in a bad sense of the word, but not like anything I had ever had before. The Chardonnay grapes in Victoria were very apparent, it’s a 9% ABV beer but hid it’s alcohol very well. The Belgian yeast also came through well and made the beer slightly spicy. Victor seemed to have more going on that I couldn’t pinpoint. I felt the hops came through far more than Victoria, but possibly because of the yeast I felt it had more wine like characteristics.

White, Black, Dubbel, Curieux, Victoria, Victor