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David Crane of Doggie Beer Treats

The question of what to do with spent grains left over from the brewing process can be a big concern of breweries. Many breweries contract with ranchers who then feed the grains to livestock, but homebrewers face the same dilemna only on a smaller scale. Most homebrewers have far too little grain to be worthwhile to ranchers, but at the same time they don’t want to be wasteful and just throw out their spent grains. I’ve known some homebrewers who have baked crackers, but according to their accounts the crackers never turned out very well. One local homebrewer has found a solution to this problem: turn the spent grains into dog treats, that’s what Doggie Beer Bones is all about.

I ran into David Crane the guy behind Doggie Beer Bones this weekend outside the Grape Street Dog Park where he was set up in the shade with free samples and treats for sale. Doggie Beer Bones are made from grains after the mash, which means the grains haven’t touched any hops (this is important because hops are poisonous to dogs) and obviously have no alcohol either. The ingredients listed are: “malt, barley, oats, peanut butter, flour, egg and water”, basically the standard ingredients in most vegetarian dog treats.

A package of six medium sized treats will set you back $4 and 12 treats cost $7. All the dogs that got free samples seemed to like them, and I bought a pack and my dog hasn’t hesitated to gobble them up.

Check out the Doggie Beer Bones website for more info, or follow them on Twitter @doggiebeerbones to see where and when they’ll be around San Diego.