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Yesterday, Ballast Point Brewing Co. posted a nearly final design of the new six pack holder for their wildly popular Sculpin India Pale Ale on their Facebook Page. Sculpin is a 7% ABV IPA with a big hop kick, Ballast Point has been brewing it off and on for a few years with it becoming more generally available and packaged in 22oz bombers within the last couple of years.

Judging by the comments on their Facebook page,  many people are excited for Sculpin in six packs, but others are worried about the cost. Ballast Point says the six packs of 12oz bottles should retail for $14.99 in most markets, which is a bit pricey for a six pack, but a great deal compared to buying 22oz bottles which retail for about $7.99. If Ballast Point sticks with that price point a six pack of Sculpin will be about 21 cents per ounce, compared to about 36 cents per ounce for a 22oz bomber. But I’m not so sure that will matter much to many consumers, there’s something psychological about the higher price of the six pack that might scare away many beer purchasers.

Personally I’m excited (as I think many others are) for the 12oz six packs of Sculpin, no word on when they’ll hit the shelves, but we hope it will be soon.