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The monthly Drinkabout is getting started as I write this, but if you missed it, or didn’t get your fill of craft beer drinking and free bus bar hopping, the folks at Hamilton’s have you covered.

Hamilton’s, Small Bar and the new Eleven (see our previous coverage here) are hosting Avery Brewing Co. night with founder Adam Avery on hand. Free buses will shuttle people between the bars and Avery beers will be on special for $4.50 with $3 refills and you get to keep the glass.

Word from Hamilton’s is that they’ll be getting started at 5pm. Checkout the beer list for each bar below and we’ll see you tomorrow.

  • Hamilton’s: Avery Sixteen, 2005 Beast, Maharaja, White Rascal, Dryhop Keg conditioned IPA and Brabant small pour special!
  • Small Bar: Avery Fifteen, Hog Heaven, Karma, Salvation, Maharaja, White Rascal, Seventeen and Depuceleuse small pour special!
  • Eleven: Avery 2006 Samael, Out of Bounds Stout, Ellies Brown, Seventeen, Maharaja, White Rascal, Dryhop Keg conditioned IPA with different hop varietal than Hamilton’s.

This post was updated 8/19/2010