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It’s been a few months since we’ve written about the opening of a new brewery in San Diego so it seems like we’re overdue. The Beer Company, a brewpub located on the corner of Broadway and 6th St downtown had their soft opening last week and while they’re still working out a few of the kinks that come along with opening a new brewpub they’re definitely a welcome addition to the downtown beer scene.

When we stopped in they only had two house brewed beers on tap, a Blonde and a Hefeweizen but I was told by Jordan, an assistant brewer (whose last name I didn’t catch) that once the brewing process gets dialed in they plan on having a rotating selection of four house beers on at all times. In addition to the blonde and hefe they’ll be brewing a Pale Ale, IPA, Brown Ale and probably more. They also plan do some barrel aged and cask beers down the line.

I opted for samplers of both house beers so I only got a small amount of each, but plan on stopping in again in a few weeks when they bring more taps online. The Hefeweizen was the favorite of the two. It was hazy with a strong banana smell. The taste was sweet, the banana from the yeast stood out foremost. The Blonde was heavy on the malts with very little hop presence. There was a grassy or almost hay like taste to it. It finished very crisp and clean. As I said, with such small samplers it’s impossible to give a real, thorough review of the beers, but when they bring more beers on line we’ll be back to check them out.

In addition to the house brews they had a handful of guest taps, with plenty more to come. They had about ten or fifteen beers on last night, with room for plenty more. If I counted right they have around 56 taps that they plan to fill up. The guest selection was good with plenty of locals, some non-San Diego craft beers and a few imports. Prices were reasonable, I had an Alesmith Speedway Stout, served in a tulip glass (I’d estimate it was around 1ooz) for $6, which seems to be the going rate for Speedway Stout.

The food was mostly typical pub grub, burgers and fries, fried appetizers and sandwiches and again the prices were pretty reasonable. They also had wood fired pizza’s which looked good, but I didn’t try any.

I’m told that the owner of The Beer Company is involved with Huntington Beach Beer Company (The Beer Company was originally going to be called San Diego Beer Company, but changed their name quickly, maybe San Diego Brewing Company objected?) and that the headbrewer came from Newport Beach Brewing Company of which I’ve heard good things about their beers.

While The Beer Company has a few things to overcome (getting more of their house made beers brewed and on tap, filling the rest of their guest taps, having a printed tap list or a board listing beers on tap to name a few) but I’m certain they’ll work out the kinks. With so few craft beer options downtown The Beer Company  has the potential to be one of the go to beer spots in the downtown area.

Photos by Kinsee Morlan