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Automatic Brewing Co.’s Thank You Mamm Belgian White looks like fresh squeezed grapefruit juice with a frothy white head.
It smells sweet, like wheat and Belgian yeast. The first taste is sweet, but is not overpowering. There might be some coriander in there.

Thank You Mamm Belgian White is actually pink in color, and my preconcieved notions of what pink things usually taste like makes reconciling the taste and appearance of this beer difficult. It in no way looks the way it tastes. Why is this beer pink? Thank You Mamm is brewed for national breast cancer awareness month. For the second year in a row Blind Lady Ale House is doing a breast cancer awareness benefit and donating 15% of their total sales to Keep-A-Breast. This is explains why the beer is pink, but just how did it get pink? According to brewer Lee Chase the pink color comes from unicorn’s blood.

Additionally, Thank You Mamm Belgian White uses about 50% 2 row pale malt, 40% malted wheat and 10% unmalted wheat. The hops are a medium alpha acid British hop (the name I did not catch) and it uses White Labs 400 yeast.

Thank You Mamm Belgian White is easy drinking at around 5% ABV and 15 IBU or so. Stop in to Blind Lady Ale House on Sunday for a pint and to help support a good cause.

Note: We’re pretty sure Chase didn’t actually use unicorn’s blood to color Thank You Mamm. Got a guess on what makes it pink? Leave a comment below.