Untappd is a fairly new mobile phone app centered around beer. Think of it like Foursquare but instead of sharing your location you share what beer you’re drinking. As you find and add friends on Untappd you can see what they’re drinking. It’s a great way to discover new beer and share what you’re drinking with friends.

Untappd has built up a bit of a following among us tech-savvy San Diego beer geeks, and because of this they have created a San Diego Beer Week badge. (If you’re unfamiliar with Foursquare badges are earned for various achievements).

If you’re not already using Untappd head on over to http://untappd.com on your smartphone (currently iPhone, Android and newer Blackberries are supported) and sign up for an account, find some friends and start sharing the beer you’re drinking while learning about new beers that you’re friends are drinking.