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San Diego Beer Week Brews and Burlesque at The Ruby Room with Green Flash Brewing Co

The burlesque of Brews and Burlesque at The Ruby Room

And San Diego Beer Week 2010 is here! I will (hopefully) be blogging everyday about the various beers I drink and SDBW events I attend. If you see me out and about say hi (my picture is on the About page). I wasn’t good about taking picture of beer last night, and felt like a total perv taking pictures of burlesque, so thats the only picture today, but there will be more going forward.

The SDBW festivities were supposed to start at O’Brien’s Pub for Night of a Million Zillion Speedways, where they had nine different versions of Alesmith’s Speedway Stout on draft and cask. I got stuck at work a bit longer than I had expected and by the time I got to O’Brien’s there were at least 50 people in a line snaking around the building. I decided to pass and kept driving, but I heard things went smoothly and everyone got in after a short wait and all waiting got to try all of the different version of Speedway. One friend I talked to later said that her top three were Coconut Speedway, Vanilla Speedway and Kopi Luwak in that order.

My night ended up starting at The Ruby Room for the Green Flash Brewing Co. Brews and Burlesque night. They had six Green Flash beers on tap: American ESB, Traditional Porter, Citra Session Ale, Fizzy Yellow Beer, Fire Roasted Pumpkin Ale, and West Coast IPA, the last of which was already gone by the time I got there around 9pm.

I started with a Yellow Fizzy Beer, the only one I could imagine drinking right after I arrived at The Ruby Room by bicycle. It was crisp and refreshing, with a bit of hop bitterness and spiciness, this is what Budweiser should taste like. If I had a lawn to mow this would be my go to lawn mower beer were Green Flash to bottle it. I tried the Traditional Porter next, the first sip was full of intense chocolate flavors but it seemed to die down after that first sip.

I made my way down to Downtown Johnny Brown’s next where they had over 20 barrel aged beers on tap for their 2nd Annual Barrel Aged Night. I started out with Avery Brewing Co.’s Rumpkin, an imperial pumpkin ale aged in rum barrels. At 13.2% ABV this was an intense beer with a boozy pumpkin pie spice smell. The flavors from the rum barrel aging came through immediately upon first sip. It wasn’t overpowering in the least, but tasted very strongly of rum. This beer is definetly a sipper, I think it had the 8oz glass in front of me for about 2 hours before I finished it. Rumpkin will be on tap at Hamilton’s Tavern on Monday night for their Avery Barrel Run Experience

I finished the night off with another Green Flash beer, Silva Stout. I wanted to try it on draft to see how it differed from the bottled version but the comparison was difficult since I didn’t have both in front of me at the same time. I think I actually prefer the bottled version of Silva Stout over the draft, but either way their both amazing beers.