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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Craftsman Brewing Co. from Pasadena. The Craftsman beer flight with founder/owner/brewer Mark Jilg at Blind Lady Ale House during SDBW was one of my favorite Beer Week happenings. Because of this I was ecstatic to hear that Craftsman has sent two casks down to The Linkery. They’ll be tapping a cask of Holiday Spruce Ale, a winter warmer brewed with spruce tips today (Thursday, Dec 23rd). They also have a cask of blend of Edgar’s Ale (A strong, dark beer that defies categorization) and their Barleywine which they plan on tapping next week.

If you’ve never had a beer brewed with spruce tips before you should give this one a try, it sounds like the perfect holiday beer.

For more on cask beer (specifically at The Linkery) check out this video:

The Linkery – Ethan & Steph from Brian Hedden on Vimeo.