Posts were slow here over the past few weeks, it’s not that nothing happened in the world of craft beer, I just got busy with Christmas, New Year’s and everything else that comes along around this time of year. Below are a few tidbits and little beer related news items that did happen recently.

  • Travis Smith became the brewmaster at the La Jolla Brew House just this past fall but as of last Friday he has left. Smith, formerly of The Bruery and Russian River Brewing Co. has plans to open a new production brewery and tasting room in San Diego. Societe Brewing Company is currently in the planning stages and hopes to be brewing by 2012. Smith is partnering with an experienced brewer who at this time is anonymous. A few of Smith’s beers and various guest beers are still on tap at the La Jolla Brew House while they look for a new brewer. I’ll post an update with any new news on La Jolla Brew House or Societe Brewing Company as I get more info.

  • Good news for those of you in East County, Main Tap Tavern in El Cajon recently reopened their doors. Main Tap Tavern is one of the better craft beer bars in East County and they rather abruptly shut down a few months ago. Hopefully they have solved whatever problems caused them to close in September and can continue serving up craft beer.

  • Most people didn’t know about a strange side effect in the California law preventing breweries from providing marketing help to retailers. Often referred to as “tied-house” laws, this is the reason that many breweries were unable to promote events at bars and restaurants when their beers were on tap. If you ever saw a post by a brewery on Facebook or Twitter with obscure information about a location you could find their beer, this law is what was to blame. I don’t have all the info on the changes to the law, but according to The Bruery’s Facebook Page, this law has been changed and they can now advertise various events going on outside of their own brewery tasting rooms and restaurants. Expect to see more info about special beer releases and beer dinners put out by the breweries. If I can find out more specifics on the law, and more details about what breweries can and cannot do I’ll post an update.