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Explorer ESBNew English Brewing Co. has been around for a couple of years now on draft at various bars and restaurants around town, but it seems like they might be stepping things up hoping to become more visible in San Diego’s ever growing craft beer landscape. New English’s current lineup of four year round offerings don’t put them atop the list of beer geeks looking for rare, barrel aged, high alcohol beers but it is a solid lineup of easy to drink flavorful beers.

New English recently purchased some firkins and pins to get their cask program under way. They had a cask of their Why?Not American Wheat Beer at The Linkery last month and they’ll be at the Real Ale Festival at Pizza Port in April. New English’s Explorer ESB and Troopers Tipple IPA seem like a perfect fit for cask conditioning.

In addition to casks, New English’s beers will be coming to bottles soon and will quite possibly be available in a bottle shop near you. They’re working on label approval for all four of their beers. Simon Lacey owner and brewer at New English tells me he recently took delivery of a bottle filler and labeler last week and already has bottle distribution lined up. His hope is that the bottles will start showing up at local bottle shops around the first of May.

And one more bit of news. New English’s lineup might not be limited their four standard beers for long, a picture they posted to their Facebook page of a new tap handle suggests that seasonal and special releases might be coming in the future.

New English Brewing Co. is located in the Mission Brewery building on Hancock Street near Washington. Confusingly, New English shares this building with 5 Points Brewing Co. but not with Mission Brewery who just opened their new brewery downtown.

New English’s tasting room is open Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons and they just might have the best growler fill prices in town. Check out their website for more info.

Brewers Special Brown

Troopers Tipple IPA

Why?Not American Wheat