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Pretty Things Jack D'OrJack D’Or is my first beer from Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project. Their solid reputation drew me to the beer in the first place, but the awesome label artwork sealed the deal (yes, I realize this is the second Farmhouse Friday in row I’ve more or less picked a beer because of nice label art, I don’t plan on making it a regular thing, although I haven’t been disappointed with either). Jack D’Or is Pretty Things flagship beer and is described as a “Saison Americain”. I couldn’t find a description of what they meant by that term, but I imagine it to be a typical Belgian style saison with a decent dose of American hops. Jack D’Or uses no spices, only malt, oats, sugar, hops and yeast.

I picked this 22oz bottle up at Best Damn Beer Shop for $8.99. It was labeled “Batch 22, Bottled Feb 2011”.

I poured Jack D’Or into a large glass, but quite a bit of cloudy beer remained in the bottle. In the glass it was pretty clear, a straw color with lots of tiny bubbles and not much head. The smell was slightly sweet like bubble gum, with some citrus fruit and peppery spices. The taste wasn’t as sweet as I expected. Lemony, citrus and grassy hops with some peppery spice. Not to grainy at all. Pretty clean with a very dry finish. The mouthfeel was a bit thin but inline with the majority of saisons I’ve had, so probably right on for the style.

Pretty Things Jack D’Or is an American hop forward saison, prefect if you want something a bit different. It seems to have roots in both the traditional saison style and hoppy American beers (I wouldn’t call this an IPA/Saison hybrid, it’s not quite that hoppy). I’ll gladly drink it again.

Jack D'Or Label