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You might know Charlie Papazian’s name as the founder of the American Homebrewers Association and the Great American Beer Festival as well as the current President of the Brewers Association. For the past two years he’s posted a fairly informal poll on his beer blog asking which American city is “BeerCity USA”. As far as I can tell Papazian has been doing these polls since 2009 and San Diego has yet to do better than 3rd place. In 2009 Portland Oregon and Asheville North Carolina tied for first with San Diego in fourth place behind Philadelphia.

Last year San Diego took third place behind Asheville’s first place and Porland’s second place with a huge gap between San Diego and Portland.

The 2011 poll was posted just a few days ago and so far Asheville has a huge lead, but San Diego is in second place. I don’t take these things too seriously (and you shouldn’t either), we both know what city has the best beer. But it only takes a few seconds to vote, click on over and vote for San Diego as BeerCity USA 2011. Voting ends on Monday, so be sure to click over and help reinforce what the rest of the country already knows, that San Diego  has the best beer.