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LoveLikeBeer Sea Rocket Event PosterAs a vegetarian beer dinners don’t often hold much sway for me. Sure, pairing awesome beer with some of the best chefs in town is great, but when you can’t eat half the food on the menu there’s no point in going. I don’t think I’m the only vegetarian/vegan that feels left out when it comes to beer dinners, Stone Brewing Co.’s Master Pairings Vegan Beer Dinner happening tonight sold out well in advance.

Thankfully for us vegetarians there’s a new group in town, LOVELIKEBEER, with a focus on vegan food and craft beer. They’re putting on their first vegan beer dinner at Sea Rocket Bistro this Thursday (May 12, 6-10pm) and the beer list, along with the food each beer is paired with looks fantastic. Each pairing is $10 for the food and 6oz beer, which means you can have a full five course meal or you can just have a few of the pairings. While all of the food and beers sound good,  I can’t wait to try the cask of Ruination IPA dry hopped with Citra hops.

If you’re not a vegan or vegetarian, don’t let the lack of meat scare you away. Check out the menu below including beer pairings.

Click on over to LOVELIKEBEER‘s website for more info.

All items on this menu are 100% vegan and contain no animal products.
All beers were produced locally in San Diego, CA.

Lost Abbey Red Barn Ale Saison/Farmhouse Ale
A southern Belgian saison spiced beer with ginger, orange peel, black pepper &
grains of paradise. A crisp, herbal, peppery and citrusy start to a great evening.

Paired with Artichoke Salad
carrot / watercress / orange salsa verde
This is earthy and zesty, the ginger in the Lost Abbey Red Barn Ale goes with the carrot and the orange salsa compliments the orange peel, along with the water cress and the black pepper.

Green Flash Le Freak Belgian India Pale Ale
A modern American Double IPA meets a classic Belgian style Trippel. A marriage of
west coast hops and bitterness to aromatic Belgian yeast. We forever hold our peace.

Paired with Asparagus Terrine
hops aspic / lemon / malt mustard / chervil
This terrine is molded with a hops aspic which will compliment the bitterness of the west coast hops in Le Freak. The lemon & malt mustard will help cut the bitterness and enhance the aromatic yeast.

Stone/Green Flash/Pizza Port Carlsbad Highway 78 Scotch Ale
Three epic local brewers collaborate to create this big, bold and malty Scotch Ale.
Smoky, boozy, with smells of sweet bread and caramel.

Paired with Mushroom Risotto
chive / paprika / cippolini / chimichurri
The earthiness of mushrooms and smokiness of paprika stand up to the malty and smoky scotch-like Highway 78. Cippolini onions provide a perfect match to the caramel and sweet bread notes.

Stone Ruination IPA: Double Dry Hopped with Citra Hops (ON CASK) American Double IPA
Stone gave LOVELIKEBEER a special batch of one of our favorite beers of all time,
“a liquid poem to the glory of the hop,” adding an extra special dose of Citra hops intensifying citrus, mango, and pineapple notes. Like traveling to a tropical destination during a hops-induced coma.

Paired with Herb Pressed Tofu
English peas / smoked tempeh / truffle vinaigrette
A take on tofu scallops, the tempeh is smoked and represents bacon for a classical French pairing with fresh English peas that pop with spring freshness to compliment the tropical mango and pineapple notes in the Ruination IPA. The tofu is enhanced by the aroma of the truffle vinaigrette.

AleSmith Speedway Stout
Rich, deep, complex, and intense flavors of strong coffee and chocolate that fade to a multitude of toasty, roasty, and caramel malt flavors – one of the most highly respected beers in the world!

Paired with Dark Chocolate Cake
rhubarb jam / coconut sorbetto / macadamia praline
A chocolate lover’s delight, this rich chocolate cake is well balanced with the light
creaminess of coconut sorbetto and the refreshing tartness of rhubarb jam