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The LinkeryThe Linkery has always focused on well made, handcrafted (and often local) food. In their own words from their website, “Making everything by hand, from scratch, including house-baked bread, house made mustard and sauerkraut, and hand spun ice cream.” The Linkery has a great beer lineup but they have never been able to make their own beer, however in this blog post by Linkery owner Jay Porter he announces that The Linkery is looking into brewing their own beer.

I don’t have any more info than is in the Linkery’s blog post, and Porter stresses that this is still very early in the planning process, adding “It may be that making no change [to The Linkery] at all is the best action; we’ll see.”

Done right, I think a brewpub would be a great addition to the neighborhood. The uptown neighborhood’s of South Park, North Park, Normal Heights and University Heights have some of the best beer drinking establishment’s around in my opinion but only one “brewpub” (Blind Lady Ale House/Automatic Brewing Co. being the only current brewery in those neighborhoods).

Click over and read more about it on The Farm and the City (The Linkery’s blog). Their blog doesn’t allow comments, so if you have any thoughts on the prospect of a brewery at The Linkery feel free to leave a comment below.

Photo from The Farm and the City