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I still remember the first CityBeat Beer Club I attended, it was at Stout Public House in July 2008 (if memory serves it was only the second Beer Club event CityBeat had held). I can’t remember what we drank, but I do remember having a great time. The Beer Club has been going ever since, mostly monthly but sometimes more often, for the last three years and now they’re ready to celebrate. Typically the Beer Club is a fairly informal thing, get your name on the list through CityBeat’s website, show up at the bar hosting the Beer Club and get dollar beers for a couple of hours or until the kegs run dry. Things are going to work a bit differently for the 3 Year Anniversary Party which is being held on Monday June 20th from 7-11pm at Blind Lady Ale House, tickets are being sold in advance and the capacity is limited to just 150 people. The $35 tickets get you two flights of six 5 oz beers — or four full beers if that’s your fancy as well as some food samples of Blind Lady’s delicious pizza.

Yes it’s a bit more expensive than the regular CityBeat Beer Club nights, but it’s not everyday you get to celebrate three years of awesomeness. And the quality beer and food at Blind Lady should make up for it.

Click here, or the flier below to purchase tickets. Click here to sign up for the CityBeat Beer Club newsletter to hear about future Beer Club events.

In the interest of full disclosure I should note that my wife works for San Diego CityBeat but this is not a sponsored post or advertisement, I thought the Beer Club was awesome even before we were married.

San Diego CityBeat Beer Club 3 Year Anniversary