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Church Ale House

Update: Whether Church Ale House will ever become a reality or not is uncertain, but James Hebert at Sign on San Diego is reporting that CCDC has recommended this project move forward out of the four proposals they looked at.

First let me start off by saying that Church Ale House may never become a reality, at this point it’s one of four proposals for what to do with the building at 1620 Sixth Ave. in the Cortez Hill neighborhood of Downtown San Diego.

The proposal comes from Arsalun Tafazoli (Neighborhood) and Mauricio Couturier (El Camino) and would convert the chapel “into a European style beer hall and locally sourced restaurant”. There are a few more details about what Church Ale House would be like if selected to move forward in the proposal which you can read here, but not a whole lot more information.

Church Ale House would be tucked away in a corner of downtown that currently has very little craft beer presence. Neighborhood and the emerging East Village craft beer bars are about a mile south of the proposed location with Little Italy and it’s few craft beer focused  business about half a mile to the west.

Church Ale House faces stiff competition from the other three proposals, an art gallery and exhibition space, a space for art and architecture forums, and another church themed restaurant from the owner of Candelas Restaurant downtown. This blog post at San Diego CityBeat has more info about the building as well as links to all of the proposals.

Even if Church Ale House never becomes a reality it seems to show that Tafazoli and Couturier are actively looking to expand craft beer downtown.

See below for a few renderings and the floor plan from the Church Ale House proposal.