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Indra KunindraThis beer is like no other beer I’ve ever had before. Brewed with madras curry, caynne pepper, cumin, toasted coconut, and kaffir lime leaf, Indra Kunindra is a 9% ABV stout brewed in collaboration with homebrewer Alex Tweet. Indra Kunindra was the winner of Holiday Wine Cellar’s 2nd Annual Homebrew competition last year, which is why it was chosen to be brewed at Ballast Point and I believe it is Ballast Point’s entry for the Pro-Am competition at the National Homebrewers Conference going on in Mission Valley right now.

Indra Kunindra smells like walking into a highly aromatic Indian food restaurant. It smells like a plate of curry was set down right in front of me. The taste is much the same, I tasted cumin and coconut and a bit of citrus which I can only assume was the kaffir lime leaf. I felt the heat from the cayenne pepper soon after I finished my first sip, but it wasn’t an unpleasant heat. The beer felt much thinner than I expected from a 9% ABV stout, but that isn’t a complaint just an observation.

The four ounce taster, which cost me a dollar plus tax at Ballast Point Linda Vista/Homebrew Mart, was probably just the right amount of this beer that I would want to drink in one sitting. One friend told me the aftertaste lingered unpleasantly for quite a while, which I didn’t experience but I could easily see that happening. As soon as I took my first sip I did immediately wished I had some food, something like a garlic naan bread. This is a beer that seems like it was made to go with food, but you would have to be careful to find the right combo where the beer wouldn’t overpower the food.

The June issue of West Coaster has a recipe for a scaled down version of Curry Stout that looks to be very similar to this one as well as a recipes for Prawn Curry with Fresh Pineapple & Asparagus and a Curry Paste courtesy of Ballast Point’s Specialty Brewer (the brewer that collaborated with Tweet on this beer) Colby Chandler.

Edit: Ballast Point recently received label approval for 22oz bottles of Indra Kunindra