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Green Flash ChuckvarIt might be fizzy and yellow, but it certainly isn’t for wussies.

Green Flash Brewing Co. recently bottled about 400 cases of their Fizzy Yellow Beer, a Bohemian-Style Lager, with the label seen to the left. The beer was rebranded as Chuckvar and described as a “Premium Chuck Lager” and a “Product of the Chuck Republic”. Chuck of course being Green Flash’s brewmaster Chuck Silva and the label paying homage to (or a parody of?) Czechvar.

Green Flash CEO Mike Hinkley tells me the packaging came as a surprise to Silva and that about half of the cases were given as gifts to employees. The rest he tells me will be available at Green Flash’s tasting room.

“We are in this business to make great beer and have some fun.  This accomplished both,” Hinkley said. I have to say I certainly agree.

Click through to see a picture of the original Czechvar.

CzechvarCzechvar photo: Flickr CC izik