Saison by the SeaI was pretty excited to find this local Saison I had never had before. For the number of breweries in San Diego and the number of beers produced here, there just aren’t a whole lot of Saisons. Unfortunately, Saison by the Sea just isn’t for me.

To my palate, Saison by the Sea seems to be spices run amok. According to the label it’s brewed with ginger, chamomile and spearmint, which combined were over the top distracting from everything else. There wasn’t much of a malt backbone to balance out all the spices. Sweet ginger flavors overwhelmed everything else. The beer didn’t finish dry like many Saisons but rather left a sweet, sticky feeling reminding me not to take another sip each time I looked at my glass.

There are certainly some people out there that will enjoy Saison by the Sea, I’m just not one of them.

Photo by Chris Hammett