Stillwater Cellar DoorWhile I’ve only have a few examples of it, I’m a big fan of sage in beer. I had been meaning to try something from Stillwater Artisanal Ales and the mention of sage in Cellar Door jumped out at me. I drank this on a hot day and it was perfectly light and refreshing.

It felt a little thin, but that probably helped make it more refreshing. The first tastes are pretty sweet (possibly due to the wheat) and citrusy, Cellar Door uses Citra hops which are not one of my favorite hop varieties. As the beer warms the citrus fades into the background and the sage steps up a bit to balance things out. There isn’t a strong sage presence, just a hint which mellows out the citrus perfectly well. There’s some earthy spiciness, which could be due to the Saison yeast or the sage (or both) in there as well.

All in all Cellar Door is a solid beer, and absolutely perfect for a hot summer day. I picked this bottle up at Olive Tree Market in Ocean Beach for $11.49 for a 750ml bottle. I’ve also seen beers from Stillwater at Best Damn Beer Shop downtown.

Photo: Creative Commons – flickr user walknboston