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Super CruSuper Cru is New Belgium’s 20th Anniversary beer and a tribute to (or super version of?) Fat Tire. It’s an amazingly wonderful smelling beer. It’s a very lively beer with a wonderful pear smell, tart and fruity (as it is brewed with Asian Pear juice). Bready malts and a little bit of caramel or toffee come through in the first sips. There’s a spicy bite towards the end of the taste, possibly due to the Saison yeast used.

But as Super Cru warms it becomes more difficult to drink. The 10% ABV starts to become more apparent and the sweetness, both from the fruit juice and the large malt bill present themselves front and center. Super Cru is by no means a terrible beer, but it isn’t a great beer either. I picked this 22oz bottle up for $8 at BevMo which I feel was a pretty good price for what I got. I’d recommend drinking it on the cold side, split the bottle with a friend if possible or pour a small glass and keep the remainder in the fridge until you’re ready for more.