Green Flash Summer SaisonSpeaking of Green Flash, I picked up their Summer Saison for this week’s Farmhouse Friday.

It’s on the lower end of the ABV spectrum at only 4.3% ABV (and 20 IBU) which makes it a nice sessionable beer for warm summer days. And is a spiced Saison brewed with orange curacao, ginger and grains of paradise that shows excellent restraint when it comes to the amount of spices. They’re in there, that is obvious, but they’re not overwhelming.

The first taste is a bit sweet, the ginger is obvious as well as tastes of citrus. The sweetness fades into an earthy spiciness before finishing fairly dry (the finish is much drier than I expected based on the initial sweetness). The finish and aftertaste is fairly rustic and grainy but that doesn’t detract from the beer at all.

For those people that base their beer purchases on a cost to ABV ratio this one isn’t the best value at $7 or $8 for a 22oz bottle. But if you’re more worried about the flavor of the beer rather than the alcohol content, this one is a winner, especially when the weather is nice.

Photo by Chris Hammett