Indra Kunindra Label

Update 9/23/2011: Holiday Wine Cellar posted on their Facebook page that bottles are now available at HWC. I’ve heard rumors bottles may be available at Ballast Point in the future, but have not confirmed that.

Update 9/1/2011: According to Holiday Wine Cellar’s Labor Day newsletter bottles should be released in early October.

I wrote about Ballast Point’s Indra Kunindra India-Style Export Stout, a stout brewed with curry spices, coconut, kaffir lime, cayenne and cumin, a couple months ago when it was first on draft in their tasting room. Indra Kunindra, the winner of Holiday Wine Cellar’s 2nd Annual Homebrew competition last year, seemed to have an uncertain future at the time, the folks at Ballast Point told me they weren’t sure if it would ever get bottled or not. This week Ballast Point got label approval for 22oz bottles of Indra Kunindra, which doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to bottle it, but chances are pretty good the beer will make it into bottles at this point.

Judging by the number of pageviews my previous post on Indra Kunindra received, there seems to be high demand for this beer. Putting it in bottles should help more people try it that can’t make it to one of Ballast Point’s locations.