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Surly CynicAleIt’s been a few weeks since the last Farmhouse Friday, but it’s back this week with an awesome Saison (that comes in a can!) that unfortunately isn’t available in San Diego. But if you find yourself in the Midwest where Surly is available make sure to pick some up.

I got this 16oz can of Surly CynicAle as an extra in a beer trade a few weeks back. I’m a big fan craft beer in cans, but I’ve been a bit cynical (pun definitely intended) about larger format cans. In the past I just didn’t see the point in a bigger can, more beer to get warm as you drink the first 12oz I thought. But I have to say, when I finished the 12 or so ounces in the glass that I originally poured it in I was ecstatic to find that I still had a bit left in the can, mind you it wasn’t a whole lot, but a decent amount. I would have hesitated to open a second 12oz can, but those extra few ounces in the 16oz can were pretty nice. So I say bring on the 16oz cans. Or the 12oz cans. Just put more craft beer in cans! Now, on to the actual beer.

CynicAle is more or less what you’d expect from a Saison of the modern style. It’s fairly light, well carbonated, and the flavor is pretty yeast driven. Surly doesn’t take too many liberties, adding all sorts of adjuncts and stretching the definition of Saison (which don’t get me wrong, is perfectly acceptable in my opinion). CynicAle might be a touch sweeter than one would expect there’s a subdued but definitely present honey and stone fruit like sweetness upon first sip. The flavor gets a bit floral (the smell could be described as a bit grassy, but not the taste) before a nice wave of spicy black pepper takes over. The finish is pretty dry with a long lingering spicyness sticking around until the next sip when everything starts all over again.

I was really impressed with CynicAle. Bonus points could be given for being in a can, but regardless of the container the beer proves itself on it’s own merits. You can’t walk down to the local bottle shop to pick this one up, but as I said, if you find yourself in the Midwest keep an eye out for it.