Things have been rather slow around here for the past month or two, though it should pick up rather quickly with the upcoming release of Russian River Brewing Company’s Pliny the Younger later this month (like last year I plan on updating a list of bars serving PtY, please send me an email if you hear what  bars are putting it on and when).

On a sad note West Coaster has a blog post about Airdale shutting down. Technically Airdale wasn’t a San Diego brewery, they contract brewed at Bayhawk, but they were a San Diego company. I always enjoyed their Dark and Stormy Imperial Stout, it’s sad to see them go.

Speaking of West Coaster, the February 2012 issue is out now, I have a column about the big beer companies trying to move in on the craft beer space. You can read it online here or better yet, pick it up at your favorite watering hole.

This Sunday is the Super Bowl which also mean’t it’s Stone Brewing Co.’s Winter Storm. Ton’s of great Stone beers on tap and in bottles including plenty of vintage releases. The Calm Before the Storm breakfast is sold out, so show up at 11am. Check the link for more details and the full tap/bottle list.