This blog is a product of my love of craft beer. Coming of age in the late nineties in San Diego left me with a lot of options for great beer. In the years since my love of craft beer has only grown.

At San Diego Beer Blog we’ll be covering all aspects of craft beer in San Diego. From the happenings at all of wonderful breweries and bars, to reviews of beer, previews of beer events and all other aspects of craft beer relating to the San Diego area.

This isn’t my first foray into beer blogging. While living in Durango, Colorado I wrote a blog about craft beer and cycling (my –and most other people in Durango’s– two biggest hobbies). The blog is still intact but no longer being updated. When I decided to move back to San Diego I decided to rebrand the blog and focus on the beer side of things.

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Note: I am sometimes provided with free products, services or admission to events by breweries, bars or others. This in no way guarantees an endorsement on my part. I make every effort to disclose freebies when writing about these things.