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It’s been known that Stone Brewing Co. is hoping to open a store in South Park for a while now. If they get the liquor license they are applying for this location will not only be a tasting room with to-go growler and bottle sales but also a mini-brewery.

Stone held a couple neighborhood meetings to chat with the community last month of which I attended the second. A handful of people were there to listen to CEO Greg Koch talk about their plans for the store, what it will and what it will not be. Most people in attendance seemed to be beer lovers and there wasn’t much (if any) resistance voiced. Koch did mention there had been concerns voiced by at least one community member and urged those that would like to see Stone come to South Park write letters of support to the ABC. Not much new info came out of the meetings, just Koch reassuring people that this wouldn’t be a bar with late hours and drunk patrons. Amy T. Granite and WestCoaster each posted summaries of the meeting with a bit more info.

It’s been a few weeks now it seems as if things don’t look good for Stone in South Park. This past weekend, about two weeks after the second neighborhood meeting, Koch tweeted:

Hey San Diego, it looks like the @StoneStore in #SouthPark may take a while. Quite a while. Months. That’s an “if” not a “when.” Sorry.

And he went on to say it was a problem with the liquor license, a slow and uncertain process due to protests. Not much else is known at this point. Koch tweeted again today that he was interviewed by San Diego 6 for the 10pm news about the problems they are having with the planned South Park store. So hopefully we’ll get more info soon. According to Koch the public comment period is over, so there isn’t much beer drinkers that want to see Stone Brewing Co. in South Park can do at this point.

I have an email into Stone and will update this post with more info if/when I hear back from them.