I don’t buy many six packs. In talking with other friends that I would consider beer nerds most of them don’t buy six packs much either. I realize we’re in the minority among the general beer drinking public. Six packs of 12oz are a great bargain compared to buying individual bombers, but personally I like to try a variety of beers, not the same six beers in a row. Because of this the ‘mixed six pack’ is something I really enjoy. It’s a simple concept: instead of buying a six of the same beer, you can mix and match buying singles of different beers.

The term ‘mixed six pack’ is a bit of a misnomer, most shops that sell beer this way don’t actually require you to buy six beers, they’ll gladly sell you singles as well. Locally Best Damn Beer Shop and Bottlecraft are the only two shops that have really embraced this model that I know of. Olive Tree Market offers a few 12oz bottles as singles, but not many.

Bottlecraft doesn’t really market a mixed six pack, rather they just break up their six packs and sell them individually. They have empty six pack holders handy if you need one to help carry things but there isn’t really the suggestion of mixed six packs. That’s fine, it all works out the same in the end. The individual bottle prices I’ve looked at are generally 1/6th of the price you’d pay for a six pack of that beer at other stores so there isn’t much of a premium for building your own six pack.

Best Damn Beer Shop does market their individual bottles as a mixed six pack, but they won’t turn you down if you don’t want to buy six. Bottles are individually priced and from a quick look they appear to be just a bit more than 1/6th of the cost of a six pack of that beer. Many of the beers I looked at were $2 each (which would make a $12 six pack) but if you were to buy a sixer off the shelf of that beer the price would probably be a buck or two lower. To make up for this BDBS offers a ten percent discount for those buying a full mixed six pack instead of just one or two singles.

Whether you’re like me, and don’t want the same six beers in your fridge, or just want to try different beers you’ve never had without having to committing to a full six pack, the mixed six pack is a good way to sample various beers at a reasonable price.

Know of any other shops in San Diego that offer mixed six packs? If so leave a comment below.

Update: It was pointed out in the comments below that Pizza Port Bottle Shop up in Carlsbad offers mixed six packs as well.